Touchpad Computer Book Class 7 Ch 5 solution

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Touchpad Computer Book Class 7 Ch 5 solution

Touchpad Computer Book Class 7 Ch 5 Exercise Solution

Internet Services

Touchpad Computer Book Class 7 Ch 5 solution

Touchpad Computer Book Class 7 Ch 5 SolutionTouchpad Computer Book Class 8 Ch 5 solution

Internet Services

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Touchpad Computer Book Class 7 Ch 5 solution

Touchpad Computer Book Class 7 Ch 5 solution


Internet Services: This is a general term that encompasses all services available on the Internet, including social networking, e-banking, blogging, RSS, Skype, newsgroups, cloud computing, podcasting, and many others.

Social Networking: Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others allow users to connect, share content, and interact with others online.

E-Banking: Also known as online banking, this service allows users to conduct financial transactions over the internet, such as transferring funds, paying bills, and checking account balances.

Blogging: Blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, and Medium enable individuals or organizations to publish content online, typically in the form of articles, essays, or personal commentary.

RSS (Rich Site Summary): RSS is a web feed format used to publish frequently updated content, such as blog posts, news headlines, audio, and video, in a standardized format. RSS readers allow users to subscribe to these feeds and receive updates automatically.

Skype: Skype is a telecommunications application that provides video chat, voice calls, and messaging services over the Internet. It allows users to communicate with others globally, either for personal or business purposes.

Newsgroups: Newsgroups, also known as Usenet, are online discussion forums where users can post messages and participate in threaded discussions on various topics.

Cloud Computing: Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing services, including servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and analytics, over the internet (the cloud) to offer faster innovation, flexible resources, and economies of scale.

Podcasting: Podcasting involves the production and distribution of digital audio or video files (podcasts) over the Internet. Users can subscribe to podcasts and download episodes to listen or watch on their devices at their convenience.


Touchpad Computer Book Class 7 Ch 5 solution

1. Tick the correct option.

a. Which of the following is a cloud storage service provider?

(i) One Drive                                              (ii) Gmail

(iii) Facebook                                           (iv) None of these

b. You must have a ________ account to use the OneDrive Service.

(i) Microsoft Website                           (ii) Bank

(iii) Both (i) & (ii)                                    (iv) None of these

c. Which of the following is an example of a social networking website? 

(i) Facebook                                               (ii) Twitter

(iii) Linkedln                                                (iv) All of these

d. The process of writing blogs is called _________________________

(i) Blog                                                     (ii) Podcasting

(iii) Downloading                                    (iv) Blogging

e. The process of making digital recordings (audio or video) that are available for downloading is called __________

(i) Blogging                                           (ii) Podcasting 

(iii) Auditing                                          (iv) All of these


2. Write ‘T’ for true and ‘F’ for false.

a. ATM is a part of e-banking.________T_____

b. Windows 10 operating system does not have an inbuilt feature of OneDrive _____F_____

c. Website is a collection of files and folders. _______F____

d. RSS is a collection of web feeds which could be headlines, videos, etc. ______T____

e. Length of the password created on Twitter is a minimum of 8 characters ___T___

f. Quora is not a social networking media ________F____

g. You can promote business ideas or marketing on Quora____F____


3. Fill in the blanks using the words from the help box.

blogger, cash on delivery, communicate, information, facebook, cloud storage, questions.

a. COD stands for    Cash on delivery.

b.  Social media is a means to   Communicate and share information with a vast audience through websites.

c.   Facebook is the biggest number of users social networking website.

d. A   blogger is a person who writes new posts about his experiences, opinions, stories, news, perspective, etc.

e. Quora is a platform to ask questions that interest you.

f. Companies can rent or buy cloud storage from a service provider instead of owning and maintaining the complete computing infrastructure. 


4. Short answer type questions.
a. Write the names of any three social networking websites.
Ans: Facebook, Twitter, Quora-

b. Write the names of any two modes of payment.

Ans. 1. You cannot promote business ideas or market your products.
2. You cannot argue on any topic or raise a conflict.


c What do you know about the “where you are logged in” Feature of Facebook?

Ans: You can check your login location using “where you are logged in”. This feature lets you find all your active Facebook logins from any device.


e. Write any two risks involved with Cloud computing.

Ans: Risks involved with cloud computing are given below 

1. Your sensitive data might be at risk from hackers.

2. Some people might face issues like data loss. 


5. Long answer type questions

a. What is a blog? Write the names of any two types of blogs.

Ans: A blog is a short form of WEBLOG, Which refers to a website where new information about any topic is updated regularly. The latest posts appear first.  


b. What are the key features of Skype?

Ans: 1. Skype translates the conversation in real-time if the person is talking in a different language.

2. It is a safe way to have conversations with people without any interruption.

3. You can share your screen to train someone.


c. How can you make RSS feed useful?

Ans: RSS tracks the information and regularly sends you updates whenever sites are updated.RSS is used to organize your favorite blogs. It saves time. 


d. Write the differences between a Blog and a Website.

Ans: Website:

i) A website is like a digital home or storefront on the internet.

ii) It can contain various types of content, such as text, images, videos, and interactive features.

iii) Websites serve different purposes, such as providing information about a company, showcasing products or services, or hosting online stores.

iv) Websites often have multiple pages organized into a hierarchical structure, such as a homepage, about page, contact page, and others.


i) A blog is a type of website that focuses primarily on regularly updated content in the form of blog posts.

ii) Blog posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, with the latest post appearing first.

iii) Blogs often cover specific topics or niches, such as travel, cooking, fashion, technology, or personal experiences.

iv) While a blog is a type of website, not all websites are blogs. Websites can include blogs as a section or feature, alongside other content and pages.




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Touchpad Computer Book Class 7 Solution

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