Rules and Regulation for Inter House School Activities

Rules and Regulation for School Activities

At our school, we believe in the holistic development of students through various extracurricular activities. To maintain a high standard of safety, organization, and fairness, we have established comprehensive rules and regulations governing all school activities. Here’s an overview of our guidelines:

General Guidelines for Participation

We are committed to fostering an environment where every student can thrive. To participate in school activities, students must:

  • Maintain a minimum academic standard and attend classes regularly.
  • Uphold behavioral standards with no significant disciplinary issues.
  • Have parental/guardian consent and, if necessary, medical clearance for participation.

Supervision and Scheduling

Safety and effective management are paramount:

  • Qualified staff members will supervise all activities.
  • We ensure a balanced schedule that minimizes conflicts and does not interfere with regular academic hours.

Safety and Conduct

To create a respectful and secure environment:

  • All participants must adhere to the school’s code of conduct, showing respect towards peers, staff, and property.
  • Emergency contact information and first aid kits are mandatory for all activities.
  • Prohibited items, including illegal substances and weapons, are strictly forbidden.

Activity-Specific Regulations

Different activities require tailored guidelines to ensure safety and success:

Sports and Physical Activities:

  • Proper gear and safety equipment must be used, and equipment is regularly inspected.
  • Warm-ups and cool-downs are essential, along with regular health check-ups to ensure fitness.

Academic and Intellectual Activities:

  • Participants should engage in regular practice sessions with adequate resources provided.
  • Integrity is crucial; plagiarism and cheating are not tolerated.

Arts and Cultural Activities:

  • We encourage freedom of expression while respecting cultural sensitivities.
  • Mandatory rehearsals ensure high-quality performances, conducted in safe and respectful environments.

Administrative and Logistical Regulations

Efficient management and transparent practices are key:

  • Budget plans require administrative approval, and fund usage is transparent.
  • Safe and reliable transportation is arranged for off-campus activities, with parental consent.
  • Venues are pre-booked, inspected for safety, and maintained post-activity.

Implementation and Enforcement

Clear communication, consistent monitoring, and prompt disciplinary actions are essential:

  • Rules are clearly communicated to all students, parents, and staff, with regular updates provided.
  • Activities are monitored for compliance, and regular evaluations help improve our programs.
  • Violations are addressed promptly, ensuring a respectful and orderly environment.

By following these comprehensive guidelines, we aim to create an enriching and secure environment for all school activities, allowing every student to explore and excel in their interests.

Download Rules and Regulation for different school activities

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