class 6th computer question answer Annual

class 6th computer question answer Annual


(A) Multiple Choice Questions:                                                 `                                               (1×20=20)

Q1. ___________ shows the name of the current workbook.

                 a) Title Bar                                                  b) Menu Bar

                 c) Status Bar                                                d) None of these

Q2. ___________ displays the quick access button of the Save, Undo, and Redo Commands.

                 a) Title Bar                                               b) Quick Access Toolbar

                 c) Quick Access Menu bar                    d) None of these

Q3. The address of the active cell is displayed in ______.

                   a) Status Bar                                               b) Formula bar

                   c) Name Box                                              d) None of these

Q4. Which of the following is present at the bottom, showing various information about the file?

                     a) Title Bar                                                     b) Menu Bar

                    c) Status Bar                                                 d) None of these

Q5. The first screen of Flash is known as____________.

                      a) Entry Screen                                               b) Welcome Screen

                       c) Exit Screen                                                  d) None of these

Q6. A ___________ is a single step of animation.

                       a) Slide                                                             b) Frame

                        c) Animation                                                  d) None of these

Q7. To change the order of a layer __________ the layer name to a new position.

                         a) Drop                                                           b) Drag

                        c) Release                                                       d) None of these

Q8. The file extension of a Flash document is ____________.

                     a) .flp                                                              b) .fla

                     c) .flv                                                             d) None of these

Q9. The Shortcut to create a new Flash document is __________.

                      a) Ctrl+M                                                        b) Ctrl+N

                      c) Ctrl +S                                                       d) None of these

Q10. The shortcut key used to open a file is ___________.

                      a) Ctrl+M                                                        b) Ctrl+O

                      c) Ctrl +S                                                        d) None of these

Q11. Press the ___________ key to make a square while drawing a rectangle.

                    a) Shift                                                           b) Alt

                     c) Ctrl                                                              d) None of these

Q12. __________ tool is used to remove the unwanted parts of the object drown on the stage.

                  a) Eraser                                                 b) Rectangle

                  c) Marquee                                              d) None of these

Q13. The __________ mode of eraser is used to erase only the fill.

                 a) Erase Behind                                   b) Erase Inside

                 c) Erase Fills                                       d) None of these

Q14. ___________ is the grammar of computer language.

            a) Syntax                                                    b) Rules

           c) Data                                                         d) None of these

Q15. Visual Basic ___________ version was introduced in 1991.

             a) 2.0                                                         b) 1.0

             c) 3.0                                                             d) None of these

Q16. Select the odd one from the given:

           a) Windows-7                                               b) MS Word

           c) MS PowerPoint                                       d) MS Excel

Q17. A computer needs to be given ______ for every step.

            a) Instructions                                          b) Order

            c) Request                                                 d) None of these

Q18. Visual Basic was developed by __________.

             a) HCL                                                         b) Microsoft

             c) IBM                                                          d) None of these

Q19. The credit evolution of programming goes to a British mathematician________.

             a) Charles Babbage                                     b) Augusta

             c) Thomas Knoll                                          d) None of these

Q20. The _______ is used to select any control on the form.

             a) Keyboard                                                 b) Pointer

             c) Both (a) and (b)                                     d) None of these

(B)       Application Based Questions:                                                                                             1×10=10

Q21. Read the paragraph and answer the following question:

In the early 2000s, Flash was widely installed on desktop computers and was often used to display interactive web pages and online games and to play video and audio content. In 2005, YouTube was founded by former PayPal employees, and it used Adobe Flash Player as a means to display compressed video content on the web.

In 2007, YouTube offered videos in HTML5 format to support the iPhone and iPad, which did not support Flash Player. After a controversy with Apple, Adobe stopped developing Flash Player for Mobile, focusing its efforts on Adobe AIR applications and HTML5 animation. In 2015, Google introduced Google Swiffy, a tool that converted Flash animation to HTML5.

Choose the correct option:

In year 2000s, Flash was installed on _________ computers.

a) Desktop                                                 b) Mainframe

c) Super                                                       d) None of these

It was often used to display ____________ web pages.

a) Rough                                                 b) Waste

c) Interactive                                        d) None of these

In year 2007, YouTube offered videos in ____________ format.

a) HTML 3                                                 b) HTML 5

c) HTML 6                                                 d) None of these

     _______ and _____ not support Flash Player

a) iPhone and iPad                                     b) Nokia, Samsung

c) Motorola, LG                                             d) None of these

Which of the tools introduced by Google ____that converted Flash animation to HTML 5?

a) Google Swiffy                                         b) Google translate

c) Google Map                                           d) None of these

 Q22. Read the paragraph and answer the following question:

MS Excel is an application software that helps us to store and analyze data. It organizes data in the form of Rows and Columns. The file extension of Excel is .xlsx and it is a software used to work on calculation work.

We can create charts and graphs from the data and convey more meaningful information. MS Excel is of great importance to those who maintain accounts for sales, and bills or do mathematical calculations. It is also known as an electronic spreadsheet.

 Choose the correct option:

The other name of MS Excel is __________.

a) Electronic Word Processor                       b) Electronic Spreadsheet

c) Electronic Editor                                          d) None of these

The file extension of MS Excel is an__________.

a) .xlsx                                                 b) .slcx

c) .xcls                                                 d) None of these

MS Excel is a/an ____________ software.

a) Application                                     b) Malicious

c) System                                           d) None of these

MS Excel organizes data in the form of _______ and ______.

a) List, Tuples                                     b) Rows, Columns

c) Data, Method                                 d) None of these

We can create ________ and _______ from the data to convey more meaningful information.

a) Charts, Graphs                                        b) Data, Method

c) Dictionary, Tuples                                  d) None of these

Very Short Answer Type Questions:                         1×5=5

Q23. Which feature of MS Excel allows a user to fill data automatically?

Ans. Autofill

Q24. What do you mean by merging cells?

Ans. Combine two or more cells and make it one.

Q25. What is Computer language?

Ans. Language use to give instruction to computers.

Q26. Who is the Programmer?

Ans. A Person who creates a program is known as a Programmer.

Q27. What is Assembler?

Ans. Translators are used to translate Assembly language into machine language.

Short Answer Type Questions:                         2×5=10

Q28. How will you insert data in MS Excel?

Ans. Select Cell-> Click on Formula bar-> Enter data.

Q29. What is the use of the Pencil tool in Flash CS6?

Ans. A pencil tool is used to make free-hand drawings.

Q30. What is the use of the Stroke height text box in Flash CS6?

Ans. The stroke height tool is used to color the boundary of an object.

Q31. What are the Advantages of High-Level Language?

Ans. User Friendly, Easier to maintain, Machine independent.

Q32. What is Visual Basic?

Ans. It is a programming language used to create applications or software in a computer.

Long Answer Type Questions:                         3×5=15

Q33. Write the steps to Cut and Paste data in MS Excel.

Ans. Click on Active Cell-> Press Ctrl+X -> Goto Destination ->Press Ctrl +V

Q34.  Write the step to start Flash CS6.

Ans. Click on Start->All Programs-> Adobe Flash CS6

Q35. What is the use of tool Panel? Explain any two.

 Ans. Tool Panel is used to show various tools used in Flash.

Explain any two: a) Selection Tool, b) Sub-selection tool, c) Pen tool, d) Pencil Tool etc.

Q36. What is the difference between Compiler and  Interpreter?

Ans.     The compiler convert HLL into LLL in a Single Go

           Interpreter Convert HLL in LLL Line By Line

Q37.  What is the difference between Label and TextBox Controls?

Ans. The label is a displayed text and the user can not edit it directly.

TextBox is used to display information at the time of design or execution which can be edited by the user.

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