Grade 8 Maths Paper 1st Term

Grade-8 Maths Sample Paper 2024


Grade 8 Maths Paper 1st Term

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Subject: Maths 
Class: VIII                                               Duration : 3 Hrs.                         Max. Marks  80

(Multiple Choice Questions)      (1×7=7)

1. The multiplicative inverse of 0/1 is
    a) Undefined                     b) Finite
    c) 0                                     d) 1
2. A polygon that has 10 sides is called.
    a) Octagon                           b) Decagon          
    c) Triangle                            d) None of these
3. The diagonals of an isosceles trapezium are-
    a) unequal                                b) equal
    c) both (a) & (b)                     d) none of these
4. The collection of information is called
    a) frequency                     b) class interval
    c) class mark                    d) data
5. The diagonals of a kite are
    a) unequal                          b) equal
    c) both (a) & (b)               d) intersect each other at 90°
6. The square of the number that has the digit 9 in the unit place is
    a) 45                                b) 39
    c) 81                                d) 47
    a) True                                 b) False
    c) Not always true            d) None of these
(Very Short Answer Type Questions)     (2×4=8)
8. Write the multiplicative inverse of the following:
    a) 8               b) –5             c) 8/9                    d)   -5/8     
9. Solve the following equation :
                        0.5x + 1.5 = 0.7x – 0.9
10. Find the measure of each exterior angle of a regular polygon of 9 sides.
11. Differentiate the Bar Graph and Histogram with an example.
(Short Answer Type Questions)             (3×9=27)
12. Find any ten rational numbers between 1/2 and 2/3.
13. Multiply 6/17 with the reciprocal of -12/17.
14. Solve the equations :
15. Write the properties of isosceles trapezium.
16. Analyze the Double Bar Graph and answer the following questions:
Grade 8 Maths Paper 1st Term
    a) What information does the double bar graph show?
    b) On which day were the most cars sold by Dealership A & Dealership B?
17. The adjoining pie chart shows the percentage of buyers of five brands of shampoo P, Q, R, T, and S.
    a) Which is the most popular brand of shampoo?.
    b) What is the central angle of the sector of shampoo S?
    c) What is the number of persons purchasing shampoo P if the total no. of
                persons is 300?
18. If 75% of the students of a class of 48 students are exceptionally good in maths. What is the probability that a student, selected at random is
    a) Weak in Maths                              b) Good in maths
19. The price of the sofa is 21,000. the sales tax is charged on it at the rate of 12.5%. Find the billing amount that a customer will have to pay.
20. Twelve subtracted from ten times of a number is equal to 88. Find the number.
21. Fill ups:                                   (1×4=4)
    a) In a convex polygon the measure of each interior angle is _______.
    b) The sum of adjacent angles in a parallelogram is ________.
    c) The line segment joining the opposite vertices of a quadrilateral is called its ________.
    d) Name the polygon having a minimum number of sides is ______.
22. State True or False : (1×4=4)
    a) The probability of a sure event is 0. ( )
    b) The value of probability lies between 0 and 1. ( )
    c) The probability of getting a head in a throw of a coin is 1/3.( )
    d) The probability of an event is always 1. ( )
(Long Answer Type Questions) (4×10=40)
23. Verify the property for and.
24. Find the numbers.
    a) Eleven more than the number is 22.
    b) The sum of two consecutive numbers is 11.
25. The perimeter of a kite is 40cm. What are the lengths of the other three sides, if the length of one of its sides is 15 cm?
26 Draw a Double Bar Graph for the given set of data.
27. Read the following double-bar graph and answer the questions that follow.
    a) What information does the graph represent?
    b) Which month has the highest temperature in the year?
    c) Which moth has the highest difference between maximum and minimum temperature?
    d) In which months was the maximum temperature less than 30°C?
    e) In which months was the minimum temperature more than 30°C?
28. Draw a histogram for the following data.
29. Find the probability of occurrence of an even number when you roll a die.
30 Which of the following squares will have 4 in their unit place?
a) 192                       b) 24                  c) 38                  d) 392                 e) 422
31. Find the smallest number by which 250 can be multiplied to get a perfect square. Also, find the square root of the number obtained.
32. The difference between C.T and S.T on a certain sum of money at %. per annum for 3 years is Rs. 46. Find the sum.

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