Class 6 English Sample Paper Term I

Class 6 English Sample Paper Term I

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Class 6 English Sample Paper Term I
Subject English
Class: 6th

MM: 70                                                                                                                                     Time: 3 Hours

 Section-A (Reading skills)

1. Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow: (5)

Hibernation is one of the main adaptations that allow certain northern animals to survive long, cold winters. Hibernation is like a deep sleep that allows animals to save energy when there is little or no food available. The body functions of ‘true hibernators’ undergo several changes while hibernating. Body temperature drops and the heart rate slows. True hibernators include the jumping mouse, little brown bat, eastern chipmunk, and several ground squirrels. Other animals, such as skunk and raccoon are not considered true hibernators, as they wake up in winter to feed and their body functions do not change as much. Since they only sleep for a little bit at a time, the term dormancy or ‘light sleeping’ is used to describe their behavior. The largest animals to hibernate are bears. Their heart rate may slow down from the usual 40-50 beats per minute to 8-12 beats per minute, but their body temperature changes very little, so they are able to wake up quickly.

Hibernating animals have a special substance in their blood called hibernation inducement trigger or HIT. This substance becomes active in the fall when the days become cooler and shorter. When HIT becomes active, the animals start preparing for winter.

Complete the following statements by choosing the suitable option out of the given ones:

i.Animals hibernate to
           a) take rest                               b) survive harsh winters
          c) store food                             d) sleep undisturbed
ii) The Skunk and Raccoon are not true hibernators as
        a) they get hungry during sleep            b) their body function doesn’t change
        c) they all are light sleepers                  d) all the above
iii) Bears can wake up quickly because
        a) their heart rate slows down to 8-12 beats
        b) their heart rate slows down to 40-50 beats
        c) the body temperature undergoes a change
        d) the body temperature doesn’t change
iv) Animals eat a lot before hibernating because
        a) they don’t want to be hungry
        b) they don’t want to be disturbed
        c) they want to be fat and healthy
        d) they want to store energy for warmth
v) Animals start preparing for hibernation when
        a) days become shorter and cooler
        b) HIT substance becomes active
        c) leave starts falling
        d) they start feeling sleepy

2. Read the following paragraph & answer the questions that follow:(5)

Neem is very commonly seen in India. The entire tree i.e. the bark, leaves, and flowers has a lot of medicinal value as it helps in curing various diseases. The leaves and the bark of this tree are very effective in controlling infections, deworming, and in disinfecting and healing wounds. The fresh leaves can be used by extracting the juice or a paste of the leaves can be taken along with a small piece of jaggery. In the case of wounds, a few leaves can be boiled in the water, and then this water can be used to wash the wounds when at a tolerable temperature. Two drops of neem oil can be used for applying on the wounds. Neem also can help in relieving itch in case of allergic rashes. Neem water can be used in case of allergic reactions. Neem is very useful in jaundice. The juice can be given with honey. Neem is very useful in case of fever. Its leaf powder is used for preserving grains and pulses. Neem is of special importance on New Year’s Day as a symbol of good health and longevity.

Read the questions below & write the option you consider the most appropriate:

I) Neem is very commonly seen in ………………………..
        a) Australia                      b) Antarctica
        c) America                       d) India
ii) The ……… and the ……of this tree are very effective in controlling infections.
        a) leaves; bark                  b) root; flower
        c) stem; pistil                   d) stem; root
iii) ……drops of neem oil can be used for applying on the wound.
        a) three                              b) four
        c) two                                 d) ten
iv) Neem is very useful in ………………………
        a) plague                           b) pneumonia
        c) eye-flu                           d) jaundice
v) ……………….. is used for preserving grains and pulses
        a) Neem leaf powder                       b) Neem oil
        c) Neem seed                                    d) Neem water

3. Read the following passage & answer the questions that follow:- (5)

             I was one of those who had come to the city to try their luck. I had lost everything in my village- my only family member, my mother, and a small piece of land mortgaged to a ruthless money-lender.
My only ambition was to reclaim my lost land and open a school for village children on it. I knew it was not easy.
For days on end, I wandered through the city streets meeting indifferent people requesting some work and shelter. I got none.
I had found only a comfortable refuge for sound sleep at night- and that was an old cemetery under a grove of dark trees near the beach.
Of course, I felt a strange fear at times in the company of silent sleepers in graves. But I was satisfied. No one was there to wake me up, as they would when I dared some pavements or even a dried-up water pipe.
One day I was in a terrible mood and slept on a grave. Suddenly, I saw a tall middle-aged person wearing a multi-colored dress with a hat on his head. He beckoned to me. I could not resist. I came to him. “Who are you? And why do you come to sleep here?” the man asked in a strange, hollow voice. I told him my story in a few words.

Choose the most appropriate options to answer the following:

I) The purpose for which the narrator was visiting the city was
        a) to file a suit against the moneylender
        b) to meet his friends
        c) to try his luck there
        d) Sightseeing
ii) The narrator spent his night
        a) in an inn                                               b) in a hotel
        c) under the trees in a graveyard        d) at a friend’s house
iii) The expression ‘silent sleepers’ here implies
        a) The persons enjoying sound sleep
        b) The dead buried in graves
        c) guards at the cemetery
        d) all persons sleeping in one room.
iv) While sleeping on a grave the narrator confronted
        a) ghosts                                                        b) angels
        c) a middle-aged person in motley         d) a long-lost friend
v) The word ‘mortgage’ in the passage means
        a) salvage                                     b) engage
        c) desire                                       d) give money on interest
4. Read the following poem and answer the questions that follow:-  (5)
When you drop me on the floor
I get stepped on- my sides are sore;
Torn-out pages make me groan;
I feel dizzy if I’m thrown;
Every mark and every stain
On my covers gives me pain;
Please don’t bend me, if you do
I don’t want to talk to you;
But we will both be friends together,
If you protect me from the weather
And keep me clean so that I look
A tidy, neat, and happy book.
Answer the following questions based on the poem
        a) Who is the speaker of this poem?
        b) What happens to it when it gets stepped on?
        c) What does it request you?
        d) How would it feel when it will be protected by you?
        e) What does the word ‘dizzy’ mean in the poem given above?
Section-B ( Grammar + Creative Writing)
5 Fill up the blanks with Would or Could.      ( ½×2=1)
        a) She _________ open the door easily but she didn’t.
        b) How ____________ she blame him?
5. Complete the sentences by adding a suitable metaphor:  ( ½ ×2=1)
        a) Kathy’s children are ___________________
        b) Her eyes were _____________________.
7. Write your own answers to the questions.    ( ½×2=1)
        a) What are you doing now?
        b) What is your teacher doing?
8. (A)-Fill up the blanks with an appropriate degree of Adjectives (comparison) given in brackets.
        i) Where is the ________ ( tall/taller/tallest) building in the world?     (½)
        ii) Harpreet is _______________ than I am/ (old/older/oldest) (½)
(B) Give all degrees of comparison for the word, ‘ beautiful’.       (1)
(C) Identify and write the correct phrasal verbs to complete these sentences.                            (½×2=1)
        i) I stay away / stay up from empty roads at night.
        ii) Please fill in / fill up the tank of the car.
9. Use the following verbs to make sentences in simple present tense.             (1×2=2)
        i) Eat                           ii)   Play
10. Make sentences with the following words using the Present continuous tense.                  (1×2=2)
        a) The sun/shine
        b) She / wear/shoes
 11. Write the past form of the given verbs.                             (½×2=1)
        i) get                      ii) see
12. What did you do yesterday at the time given below  (½×2=1)
        i) 7 o’clock in the morning
        ii) 3:15 in the evening
13    Complete the sentences given below with the help of Past Continuous tense.                     (½×2=1)
        a) When I arrived in the office they _______ (work).
        b) She _____ (read) the book when I went to call her for lunch.
14. Change the given sentence into past continuous tense.                               (½×2=1)
            I played chess yesterday.
15. Write a paragraph on.                                                                                   (5)
            A person you love the most
            Describe the following scene.-
            In your classroom when a teacher is teaching
16. Write a biographical essay on any one person you are inspired by.           (6)
       Write a paragraph on  “How did you celebrate your last Birthday?”
Section-C (Literature)
Give the meanings of the following.     
Q.17     i)  Community                         ii) Dismal                     (1)
Q.18     i) Contradictory                       ii) Elude            (1)
Q.19.    i) Wiles                                      ii) Sprinkled      (1)
Answer the following questions.                                             (2×4=8)
Q.20     What message does Samantha’s autobiography give us?                         
Q.21     What is the role of the tree in the poem (A Poison Tree )?                      
Q.22     Why did Samantha think that she couldn’t write poetry initially?                
Q.23     Where were the soldiers coming from? Where were they going?
Q.24 Answer the following questions.                                                                        (2×2=4)
        a) What have you learned from the story “Stone Soup”?
        b) Give meanings for the following :
         i) Shrug                       ii) Pickpocket
         iii) Scorn                      iv) Spare
Q.25 Read the following extract and answer the questions that follow:                (1×5=5)
I was angry with my friend:
I told my wrath, My wrath did end.
I was angry with my foe:
I told is not, my wrath did grow.
    a) Who is I in the above stanza?
    b) Whom was the poet angry with?
    c) What do you mean by the word ‘foe’?
    d) What is the opposite of the word friend?
    e) Write the rhyming words of the above stanza?
Q.26 Use the given verb in your own words.
          i) To gaze (1)
         ii) Write the comparative and superlative degrees of the following words.                          (½×2=1)
        a) Interesting               b) Little
        iii)Make a polite request by using ‘Could’.                         (1)
        iv) What is the only thing (out of four options) that a person really owns, according to Anita?      (1)
        a) Tree                       b) Dreams               c) Bees                 d) Nothing
        v) Write the prefix/suffix in the following : (½×2=1)
         a) Untidy               b) Beautiful

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