class 1st question paper

Class 1st Question Paper, Download all types of question papers for all classes, all subjects, Hindi, English, Maths, S.St., Science, Physical Education,.

1st Class English Test​

1st Class English Test​ Vacancy Connect Subject: English Duration-  1:00 hr                                             Class-1st                                                        (Knowledge and Understanding Based) Q.1     Circle the words with the same ‘o’ sound as in the words (toe) and (slow).           […]

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1st Class Maths Test

1st Class Maths Test Vacancy Connect 1st Class Maths Test Solution Subject: Maths Duration- 1:00 Hour                                                                                                        Class- 1st (Knowledge & Understanding Based) Q.1. How many sides and corners does each shape have?                  (1) a. (4 sides and 4 corners) b. (0 sides and 0 corners)

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