1st Class Maths Test

1st Class Maths Test

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1st Class Maths Test Solution

Subject: Maths                              

Duration- 1:00 Hour                                                                                                        Class- 1st     

(Knowledge & Understanding Based)

Q.1. How many sides and corners does each shape have?                  (1)

     a. (4 sides and 4 corners)                

       b. (0 sides and 0 corners)


(Applied Thinking Skill Based)

Q.2.    Write the names of the shapes.                                                                                    (5)

        a. (Triangle)

       b. (Square)                  

        c. (Circle)                                  

        d. (Rectangle)

(Higher Order Thinking Based) 

Q4. Draw any picture by using flat shapes.                                                       (4)

Ans. Answer may vary

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