1st Class EVS Test​

1st Class EVS Test​

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Subject: EVS

Duration-  1:00 hr                                             Class-1st                                                       

Part-1 (Knowledge-Based Question )

1) Fill in the blanks:                                                                                       (1)

    i. Food gives us the energy to work.

    ii. We get food from plants.                                                                                         

Part-2 (Understanding Based Questions )

2) Why should we eat less fried food?                               (2.5)

Ans. Fried food is unhealthy. It makes us fat and gives us less energy.

3) Why should we wash our hands before eating?                                           (2.5)

Ans.  We should wash our hands so that no germs and dirt enter our bodies while eating.

Part-3 (HOTS)

4) Write the name of four things that come from plants. (Answer may vary)          (4)

Ans. Plants – Apple, Banana, Dal, Rice

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