1st Class English Test​

1st Class English Test​

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Subject: English

Duration-  1:00 hr                                             Class-1st                                                       

(Knowledge and Understanding Based)

Q.1     Circle the words with the same ‘o’ sound as in the words (toe) and (slow).                       (1)

(Applied Thinking Based)

Q.2     Write the meaning of the given words.                                                                                  (2)

  1. Forest –a place with many trees
  2. River – the body of moving water          

Q.3     Fill in the blanks by using the options.                                                         3)

  1. The forest has many trees. (Forest, house)
  2. The desert is hot and dry. (Milk, desert)
  3. There is a lot of water in the river.             (river, bag)

(Higher Order Thinking Based)

Q.4     Draw a picture of Gola’s home and write 2 sentences about it.                                     (4)

  1. This is Gola’s home.
  2. Gola wants to live here.

        (Answer May Vary)

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